standing in the shallows of the mainstream
the litter
the debris
the garbage

shortsighted perceptions
cross-eyed observations
haphazard conclusions

of the delusional and deranged
of the ignorant and arrogant
of creeps and trolls

of morons whose accummulated knowledge
have as much breadth as a bug’s breath

dizzy from the stench
deaf from the wailing

the annoying whinings and pinings
the aggrandized essays on the trivial
the self-righteous proclamations

of spoiled brats and rotten rats
of foul fanatics and fickle fools
of bigots and idiots

of petty pulpiteers whose putrid preachings
only serve to glorify their own egos

wading into the pool of society’s spittle
feet lodged in the remains of sobriety

like piles of fish carcasses
nibbled by numbskulls
mangled by the manic

skewered on driftwood barely sharp enough to indicate wit
swirling and piling
festering and infecting

no focus
no fecundity
no food for thought here

standing in the shallows of the mainstream
sinking slowly
losing sanity
nothing to hold onto