I intended to finish a few more posts before the New Year, but sadly, I’ve been totally kaput. I’ve been sick since the 26th and haven’t even felt like watching anime, much less writing about it. That gives you a fairly good idea of how crappy I feel. >.< In other news… The remaining episode summaries and final review of Noein will be up shortly after New Year’s Day. Gah, what a drag that was to sit through. -_-‘ I also have a new addition to my collection, Trinity Blood. Thus far, it has a lot of premise and has already met most of my expectations. It’s quite violent though, quite unncessarily. So, if things get any messier than they have in the first four episodes, the show won’t be getting a posted review from me unless the story proves to be exceptional enough to overshadow the gore. In either case, don’t hold your breath for that one. I might also dive into an episode or two of Haibane Renmei. Yeah, I’ve been trying to set aside time for that one since last month, but I got sidetracked by Fairy Tail and the Zanpakuto arc in Bleach, among other things. Yes! Bleach is coming to “Tracks”! 😀 Not the whole series (sorry). I’ve been watching since episode 1, but for now, this blog will focus on the new story line that starts from episode 230, with the appearance of… Well, more on that later. 😉 That’s all the news for now. Hurrah for Holiday loot! Boo to Holiday sickliness! Take care, everyone! ^_^/~