Okay, technically, the second. I deleted the “test” blog from earlier this week.

Ah, fall. Eeww. Winter is just a few months away. Double eeww!!

There are so many things I’d like to post right now, but if I start compiling all the anime reviews and poetry that I’ve put together (ok, ok, have only begun to put together), I’ll be up quite late; and that won’t do since I need to get up early tomorrow.

I guess I’ll start with some random thoughts.

Sundry. I had used that word earlier in this post (in a sentence that has since been edited), and I realize that it often comes back to haunt me. Perhaps “haunt” is too strong a word. Nevertheless, it’s usefulness is surpassed only by how ridiculous it sounds when spoken. “Sundry” was a favorite word, among many others, that my Creative Writing teacher in high school liked all too much, so much that he’d repeat it out loud to us (and to himself) during his lectures, as well as have us use it in nearly all our short stories. He’d probably also reprimand me for such a long, run-on sentence as the latter.

His name was Patrick something. Isn’t it strange that I would remember his first name, but not his last name? No, I never called him by his first name, either. Strange indeed. Great, now I’m going to have to dig up one of my yearbooks just to find out. Maybe later.

Trot. There’s another strange word. I had originally thought of a thematic approach to a first (yes, technically second) blog posting. The image of a wolf, one of my favorite animals, came to mind, midday sunlight sifting through a thick canopy, dancing on his silvery autumn fur. Yes, it could have been quite interesting, and perhaps even poetic. Anyways, I was about to start writing from the point of view of such a one, until onomatopoeia sprang into action, and the sillyiess of the word “trot” switched my train of thought onto a different track and started this whole thing on words that I find phonetically odd.

Question of the day: (Originally conceived two weeks ago during a jogging session.) Does a squirrel’s fur change color during winter?

I saw a squirrel running atop a fence while jogging one afternoon, and I noticed that its tail was outlined with white hairs as opposed to a splotchy brown. It had been getting quite cool in the mornings, and the sight of that white-tailed squirrel just made me think of fall and winter (eeww) even more. Maybe they do change color, or maybe he was just an old squirrel. *shrug* I’ll have to look that up sometime.

Skwerl. That’s such a cute name. I’ve seen such a user name at least once, though I don’t recall from what community. I don’t even recall what icon or avatar image was associated with it. I just thought it was awfully cute. Skwerl. Even the sound of it is rather catchy. Kawaii ne!

Oh yeah, I have to work on the layout and imagery for this blog page, too. I’ll definitely go with some foresty or woodsy theme, maybe some trails of falling leaves in one of the panels (using Photoshop brushes, more than likely). We’ll see. Things are often bound to change, and even more so with design plans. Yeah. We’ll see.

And, there we have it. Almost midnight. I don’t even have time to watch an episode of Jigoku Shoujo: Futakomori. The first season was quite good. [delete delete] Yeah, I’ll save what I have to say for a review.

Good night and sweet dreams to all.