Some say that we are the product of intelligent design, and that design took millions of years. While it is merely common sense to believe that, by design, we could be immediately similar to our progenitor(s) in physique and behaviour, it is more likely that, given the age of the earth and how long humans have been around, our species is still at an infantile state. Regardless, the pursuit of proving — or disproving, for that matter — the exact state, composition, and origin of such (a) being(s) is counterproductive as it takes away from more immediate necessities (like ensuring we don’t completely destroy our planet or cause our own extinction). The search for divinity (or lack thereof) is a foolish and futile quest (though it’s unlikely to end in this generation… or in the next few hundred).

Also, it is pure silliness to think that such information could be found in ancient texts written by so-called scholars (who were, in fact, racist social isolates) who, even collectively, held an infinitesimal fraction of what we know and understand today about science, history, metaphysics, theology, and philosophy.

Furthermore, it is sheer arrogance to think that one’s beliefs are actual fact and that anyone of a different point of view or of the opposition are wrong. The stance that one’s beliefs make something real, or that one does not have to believe in something for it to exist, is utter stupidity. You can believe all you want that standing in the middle of a highway is perfectly safe, but eventually, you will end up as a stain on the asphalt.

Faith is indeterminate — it achieves nothing without action. Belief is illusory — it provides no definition without practicality. Neither are complete direction, and that must be towards future possibilities, not stagnating in fear of preordained outlandishness passed on by societies whose barbaric tendencies, narrow-mindedness, and lack of common sense were even worse off than we are today.

Mildly put (as much as I can anyway), as a civilization, we are young, ignorant, lofty, foolish, and certainly not ready for such monumental revelations. We can only try and prepare as best we can the intellect and psyche of those who proceed us should they, in some distant millenium, breach the fringes of the universe and, literally, meet our makers or at least uncover the definitive source of what is ultimately our human legacy.