Here’s an experiment that sprung from the question, “Can one really, accurately, define true beauty without describing ugliness? I realized immediately that the resulting theme alludes to the Yin and Yang entities, and thus decided to make this shorter than originally intended. I wanted to write a little bit more, but it was quickly turning into just another laborious (and boring) extract of a good vs. evil essay, and I’m not in the mood for that right now.

The Vile, The Pure

I have watched the first rays of a newborn sun
dance upon a single silver-lined tear of an angel
as she sat upon a silken cloud at Heaven’s gate
and wept quietly at the beauty of the universe.

I have watched in horror at the destruction of worlds
and the extinction of nations by merciless tyrants
harvesting the flesh and blood of their own people
to feed the spawn of their failed attempts at creation.

One of my eyes is black, while the other white.
Half my soul drowns in shadow, the other basks in light.
Each side makes the other whole, defines and gives meaning.
Neither one will give in. Neither side shall ever win.