I signed on as a member and took the VisualDNA personality quiz about two years ago. Back then, the site was called IMAGINI (as in “Imagine I”). They’ve changed the website’s name and increased the number of choices you make before you’re given your “designation” (ie. label), as well as the number of quizzes.

The format remains the same as it was when I first visited the site. You answer a series of questions and complete given phrases with a choice from a large collection of photographs. I wish some of the categories had better or more varied options. Nonetheless, the quizzes were fun, and the reports made me think about about certain facets of my personality and lifestyle that I had not done so indepth before.

The tests are really quite interesting. What’s even more intriguing is that I find the “reports” to be, for the most part, accurate – well, as accurate as a generalization produced by an online quiz can get.

Update: The Youniverse site is no longer available and has been consolidated with the VisualDNA marketing company. You can still take the new quiz here.

Go on and give the tests a whirl. They could probably use more members.

I’d like to see “YouNiverse” become more popular and garner a much larger user base, perhaps through better integration or cross-linking with FaceBook. The idea of visually presenting yourself and building a profile through such imagery, albeit sometimes abstract, is a novel idea. If anything else, it’s more interesting than the trite “Favorites” lists used by every other website.