After waking from a dream in which her friends had forgotten her, and where Noein makes her question her own existence, Haruka comforts herself by going through photo albums.

Though he acts selfishly, either out of his own greed or due to Noein’s influence, Kuina still harbors feelings for Amamiku. He stuns her so she can’t interfere in the fight with Karasu, and leaves a power cell that can prolong her existence.

Tobi confers with Uchida on the relationship between Haruka’s dimension and the future from where the Dragon Knights came. Meanwhile, Kooriyama is still confused and has a hard time believing what’s been happening.

Atori’s memories finally return as he watches Shangri La’s war machines move slowly through the sky over Haruka’s town.

The opening scene to this episode is nicely done. I wish the writers took the time to create greater mysteries and tension like the ones presented in this episode throughout the series, or at least woven them more deeply into the plot.

Haruka is haunted by Noein and fears that the life she has been living is nothing but an illusion within a dream. When Shangri La’s invaders suddenly appear in Haruka’s dimension, Isami takes pictures of them with his cell phone. However, once they disappear, so do their images from within the very photos Isami had taken. This perpetuates the theory that reality that appears as Haruka’s world is not only intangible but also subject to manipulation and deception. It also creates self-doubt of one’s own sanity in the children, even though they had all witnessed the frightening events together.

The show theorizes that one’s existence must be confirmed in order to be quantifiable. As well, beings from different timespaces exist on different levels, and even if they meet, one should not be able to influence the other’s timeline. That is, the past should not be able to influence the past, thereby creating a “violation of causality”, ie. a paradox. However, that boundary is falling apart due to the gravity of actions taken by quantum beings such as the Dragon knights and Noein, as well as the disruption of the timespace itself by the Magic Circle Project. It is plausible that Haruka’s power as the Dragon Torque is the only thing keeping things from falling apart.