!: Denotes future revelations or conclusions based on current information.
?: Questions yet to be answered.

The Dragon Knights return to the past to look for Karasu and the Torque. Their coordinate system is still inaccurate, but by chance, Atori has been ported closest to Haruka. He tracks her down, but Yuu steps in to protect her. Atori realizes Yuu is one of Karasu’s past selves and attacks the boy.

Yuu tries to protect Haruka from Atori.

Haruka lunges to cover Yuu, and the Dragon Torque reacts, shocking and stunning Atori even as he fires a blast of energy. The two children then use a ropeway car to try to escape. Atori soon regains consciousness, takes chase, and melts the struts of the boxcar. Karasu arrives just in time to stop the car from falling. Because Karasu has to hold onto the boxcar with one arm, he is defenseless against Atori’s attacks.

!: The parts of the Dragon Knights’ bodies that give them their abilities are made of Layze.

Karasu fights Atori atop the ropeways.

Atori prepares to unleash all his power against Karasu.

Yuu huddles against the wall of the boxcar and mutters helplessly. During a brief exchange where Karasu chastises Yuu for being afraid but unable to do anything, Haruka’s emotions cause the Torque to manifest again. Just as Atori launches another attack on Karasu, a second flash of of light engulfs him and he is forcibly returned to their base. Karasu can no longer hold onto the boxcar, and it falls down the mountainside. Fortunately, Haruka and Yuu are not gravely injured.

Haruka and Yuu are trapped in a suspended ropeway car.

The Dragon Torque around Haruka’s neck reacts once again to her emotions.

Uchida and Kooriyama have been following the strange signals caused by the Dragon Knights’ activities in their timeline. Uchida’s tracking leads them to the same area as Haruka and Yuu, and the four run into each other on the mountain road. Kooriyama realizes he has met Haruka before and grants her request to drive them home.

Uchida and Kooriyama follow the anomalous energy signals.

The investigators run into Haruka on a mountain road.

Yuu’s mother is in disbelief after he comes home and tells her what happened. She grounds Yuu and forbids him from going anywhere at night other than cram school. Back at her own house, Haruka’s mother doesn’t believe her story either. We learn that Haruka is known for having seen strange things when she was younger. Later, Haruka’s mother makes a phone call to someone whom she apparently knows but whose identity has yet to be revealed to the audience.

?: Who is Haruka’s mother calling, the father, a psychiatrist?

Haruka’s mother makes a conspicuous phone call.

Back at the base, Atori has been strapped down by a medical team due to his erratic behavior after being struck by the Dragon Torque’s power. He exclaims that if the Torque is brought to La Cryma, their dimension will be destroyed.

Atori becomes even more deranged after being struck by the Dragon Torque.

?: What really happened to Atori when Haruka unwitting released the power of the Torque? What did he see that pushed him over the edge?

After hearing the kids’ story, Uchida and Kooriyama visit the scenic point. However, they find no damage to the area or any evidence of the recounted events.

!: The Dragon Knights have the ability to revert the state of objects in the timeline they visit.

All signs of any destruction at the scenic point have been erased.

The next morning, Haruka goes to Yuu’s house, but his mother doesn’t want any of his friends visiting and doesn’t let her in. While standing outside, Haruka gets a sudden image of Karasu in her mind. At the same time, Yuu is stricken by an anxiety attack. Haruka begins to suffer the same stresses and curls down from the discomfort. When she regains her composure, she finds herself in an old warehouse district where she and Yuu used to play. She enters one of the buildings, where she finds Karasu, who she believes has “called” her.

!: Somehow Yuu and Haruka can sense Karasu’s presence. The three of them seem to have some mental link. Haruka has transported herself in someway, perhaps via the Dragon Torque.

Haruka finds herself in an old warehouse district.

Haruka learns from Karasu that the cloaked men are not after Yuu, but her. A mere moment later, she and Karasu are surrounded as five more people in cloaks appear.

Haruka and Karasu are surrounded by other Black Knights.