The timespaces have started to converge, but Karasu and Yuu have yet to reach Haruka.

I can’t decide what I despise more – the whiny, neurotic annoying puff of smoke called Noein, or the depressed, bedraggled, corpse-like husk called Noein. Oh, wait. Nevermind.

What happened to the ominous, seemingly omniscient Noein that would randomly put on a show of raw power or just wreak havoc? What a terrible shame, turning him into a withered-looking wretch. Thankfully, this pathetic display doesn’t last long.

Bigger, faster, stronger, but still as ugly as before.

A great battle ensues as Karasu clears a path for Yuu through a gang of Noein’s mechanized drones. It looks like they’ve gotten a serious upgrade, but it’s nothing he can’t handle. There’s little explanation as to why they suddenly take on this new form other than a reaction to Karasu’s and Yuu’s presence on Shangri La.

Yuu is greeted by one the horse-headed observers. It seems they are not as menacing as their claws might suggest.

Yuu still has to run through an enormous field to get to Haruka, not to mention find some way of getting up to the floating island. Luckily, he runs into one of the mysterious seahorse-like Haruka-stalkers who declares, “We have made a mistake,” before promptly teleporting the boy to Haruka’s location. The true identity of these strange creatures has yet to be revealed, but they don’t appear to be a threat to our protagonists.

Kooriyama is shot by the overzealous Shinohara in a failed attempt to halt the Magic Circle Project.

Back on Earth, Uchida, Kooriyama, Tobi, and Amamiku sneak into the Magic Circle’s base of operations, hoping to put an end to the potentially disastrous experiment. However, the two Dragon Knights’ bodies are severely weakened by the quantum interference, and the investigators are forced to face Shinohara by themselves. Things quickly go from bad to worse when Kooriyama pulls a gun on Shinohara but consequently gets shot himself.

A sight for sore eyes. A wretched-looking Karasu emerges from Noein’s ghostly ether.

Noein continuously tries to play to Haruka’s sympathies. He almost succeeds, too, until he gets all crazy-eyed and goes back to his self-righteous sputtering. It’s no surprise that, until now, Haruka’s will has remained strong. To Noein’s credit, he does get Haruka to step forward as he holds out his hand to her. That moment, of course, is where this episode ends.