Uchida meets with Professor Mayuzumi, former head of the Magic Circle Project.

Themes of noble self-sacrifice and about-faced idealism abound in this installation of the pseudo-science fiction / fantasy hybrid. It’s hardly surprising; though in effect, the mood of the series has become subdued. A far cry from the usual clash of quantum powers, maniacal opposition, and surreal visuals, episode 21’s melodramatic (but not unusual) presentation acts as a bridge to the coming gritty revelations of personal histories – or in this case futures – and what will ultimately be the unravelling of Noein’s grand plan to homogenize the universe.

Miho scolds Atori for losing control of himself and acting violently, and Atori actually relents.

At last, Haruka’s father, Professor Mayuzumi contacts Uchida, who then hands him files detailing the quantum sensitivity of the area. The professor is shocked to find out that his daughter is deeply involved in recent events concerning the causes of the town’s quantum instability.

Karasu finally tells Yuu the reason why he must be strong if he truly wants to protect Haruka.

Amamiku is still suspicious of Atori, and she believes he is hiding the fact that he now remembers everything. True to form, Atori displays some of his usual mania and violent tendencies, but calms down when Miho berates him for his wild behavior. Atori then reveals his intention and why he is increasingly impatient; he wants to protect the children from the impending collapse of their world.

Believing her friends will remain unharmed, Haruka gives herself up to Noein.

In Shangri La, Karasu finally tells Yuu his side of the story and the reason the boy must stay grow up to be strong. Yuu is mortified to hear that the Haruka in Karasu’s future sacrifices herself. However, the present Haruka is not surprised, and when Noein shows up once more, she surrenders herself in order to keep the others safe from Noein’s wrath.