A glum gathering of old and new friends in the underground city of La Cryma.

At last, we are in the home stretch of the series, and things are getting more interesting. The shreds of quantum theory that have been sprinkled throughout each episode have finally come together. Whether or not they make sense in real world physics (and much of it does not), the concepts presented thus far have been very intriguing. Also, the notion that the form and energy of a person’s body can be recorded on machines and subsequently supported, altered – or in some cases dismantled – is both ludicrous and fascinating. Such ideas works well within the context of the story, regardless of how far-fetched they may seem.

Tobi has the difficult task of building a quantum portal with outdated equipment.

Kuina captures Haruka and brings her to the future, and Yuu gets strung along for the ride. However, the two children don’t stay in Kuina’s clutches for long, and they make their escape to the underground city where they meet Miho’s daughter Lily and that future’s Ai. This somber reunion of sorts is cut short when Yuu collapses and starts to fade away.

La Cryma does not recognize Yuu’s identity, causing his existence to become unstable.

Ai quickly leads Haruka out of the room, explaining that that only those who are registered in La Cryma’s quantum field generator have a stable existence. Haruka, who has the power to realize her thoughts and visions, must not look upon the hapless Yuu. Although Yuu’s physical form is falling apart on a quantum level, he isn’t truly dying. However, Haruka might trigger the Dragon Torque in her despair and cause his death to be a reality.

Yuu gets the shock of his life when he finds himself in a strange world and is confronted by an alien being who accuses him of killing his own friend in the future.

Kuina, who has by now managed to track down his prisoners, states that Yuu is being pulled into Shangri La. Haruka then decides to give herself up and go with Kuina to Shangri La, where she believes she may be able to save Yuu.

Kuina’s already deteriorating body succumbs to the ravages of quantum instability. Ironically, it is Shangri La that spurns him.

Back in Haruka’s world, Atori is faced with the challenge of reconstructing a method of interdimensional travel with old technology. After a lot of hard work, and with some “state of the art” equipment provided by Uchida, Tobi succeeds in sending Karasu to the Dragon Torque’s location. When Karasu arrives in Shangri La, it’s just in time for him to watch Kuina disintegrate from the dimension’s violent rejection of his body.