Haruka momentarily escapes Noein by entering another time stream through an ouroboros. Noein catches up to Haruka and tries to convice her that she should forget about Karasu, that he is only an illusion. She fervently rejects the idea, recounting all the times Karasu had saved her. As Haruka recalls how she met Karasu, she shifts through timespaces to visit some of the events in her past. However, Karasu is no longer there. She inadvertently merges with herself at the test of courage in the cemetery, and her memories of the Dragon Knights and of Noein start to fade.

Tobi fears that their presence and Noein’s interference in the past has started to influence the timeline.

It is revealed that Karasu’s arrival in Haruka’s timespace was accidental. He was pulled out of an explosion during a fight with one of Shangri La’s machines and into another dimension. Karasu believes it was Haruka who saved his life by bringing him into her timeline, but he also thinks that incident is what alerted the Dragon Knights, and consequently Noein, to the presence of the Dragon Torque.

Shinohara forces Mayuzumi into a corner, leaving him little choice but to work on the matter-transfer experiments again.

Haruka revisits events from the past, but finds that some things are different from her own timeline.

Karasu tells Yuu and Fujiwara how he came unexpectedly to their timespace and how his presence there is what has placed Haruka in danger.