Kooriyama tries to arrest Karasu, to no avail. Uchida, on the other hand, suspects that Karasu and Tobi are from the future. Tobi leads Uchida, Karasu, and Kooriyama to the source of the distortions he discovered in Haruka’s timespace.

Haruka’s father gets a threatening phone call from Shinohara, who wants to put him back to work on the Magic Circle Project.

Haruka is twice troubled as she runs from a trio of strange creatures that appear suddenly in her room, only to fall into Noein’s clutches. Karasu arrives just in time to help Haruka, as usual, and he gets pulled along just as Noein tries to send her to Shangri La. Karasu is powerless against Noein and suffers a great deal of damage very quickly.

Noein tells Haruka that he has created Shangri La to stop the chaos brought about by the all the diverging time streams, where all timespaces converge. When Noein asks Haruka to join Shangri La, she quickly objects and uses the power of the Dragon Torque to send the injured Karasu back to her world. She, however, disappears through an ouroboros to an unknown destination.

Tobi believes this small ouroboros is a sign that the amount of spatial distortion is increasing.

As of yet, we do not know if there is any connection between the seahorse-like beings and Noein, though it is most likely that they also originate from Shangri La.

Noein’s ideal timespace Shangri La is a vast expanse of nothing but grassland and floating chunks of rock.