This will be my first episode-by-episode synopsis in a very long time. I tend not to write them because I dislike spoilers. Noein is an exception in that, for the first few episodes, its story unfolds very slowly. Because of that, a little bit of examination is required. As more information is revealed, I may move on from lengthy scene descriptions to shorter events and facts lists.

+: Describes a scene or event and the characters involved.
!: Denotes future revelations or conclusions based on current information.
?: Questions yet to be answered.

+: A remote location somewhere on Earth: A very large, coil-banded ring, reminiscent of a gateway, with the figure of a dragon head at its crest appears on the horizon. A large alien ship breaks through the clouds and attacks people on the ground. An aerial battle between it and three powerful, perhaps cybernetically enhanced, humanoid fighters ensues. The ship is destroyed, but one of the defenders, called Karasu, is caught in the explosion.

A humanoid defender summons a powerful attack against alien invaders.

An alien ship is heavily damaged and starts to fall.

+: Some students at elementary school are talking about ghost sightings. Karasu has apparently survived. He has been seen by people in the town, including two girls, Haruka and Kyouko. The rumors of a haunting are presumably due to Karasu’s ominous appearance. We are briefly introduced to five of the students, Haruka being one of them. Her circle of friends includes Ai, Fujiwara, Mihou, and Yuu.

!: Haruka’s parents are divorced, and she lives with her mother, who is a writer. Her books don’t sell very well, but she gets child support from her husband.

Haruka and her Mom at home.

Ai, Mihou, and Haruka in school.

+: Yuu is shown trimming his fingernails with a paper cutter. His expression is grave. Haruka looks on him with concern. One of his classmates remarks that Yuu has been acting distant lately. Another says Yuu is probably like that because he has cram school.

!: Yuu’s mother pushes him academically and limits his interaction with his friends.

+: A man and a woman, Kooriyama and Uchida, are inside a car having a conversation about sending data to headquarters. Uchida is tracking strange signals with a laptop.

!: They are investigating spacial abnormalities that have been ocurring in the area. Their headquarters are in Tokyo, where data from an observation satellite is being analyzed. Their investigation is linked to the appearance of the gateway and the arrival of the cloaked fighters.

+: Yuu runs into Haruka on his way to cram school in the evening. They talk about a promise they once made to run away together. Yuu is jealous of Haruka’s relationship with her parents, even when he knows they are divorced. He says that his own family is “shattered”. He resents his mother, whom he says doesn’t really care for him. Yuu wishes he were already an adult so that he can leave the town.

Haruka talks to Yuu about leaving town and running away.

+: During their conversation, Yuu mumbles that he thinks he’s going insane, his face evidently fearful. Haruka reaches out to console Yuu, but her hand goes right through him. Time has stopped, and everything around her has become ethereal. A golden ring depicting a dragon swallowing its own tail is seen around her neck. Karasu appears once more, rushes toward Haruka, and exclaims, “The dragon’s torque!” Just as he is about to grab her, he is pulled back to what is possibly a control center or some base of operations for the people in black cloaks. The golden ring around Haruka’s neck turns black, crumbles, and disappears.

!: Yuu suffers from what appear to be anxiety attacks or manic episodes, at which point he says nervously, “I’m going mad!” or something to that effect. These may have something to do with Karasu’s presence, who always shows up when Yuu is having an attack. It’s as though he can sense Karasu’s arrival and has visions he can’t explain.

Karasu and Haruka finally meet up close.

A control center that oversees Karasu and his team mates.

+: Haruka and her friends, including Yuu, go out at night on a “test of courage”, this case a ghost hunt. Unfortunately for Yuu, his mother finds out and drags him back to drive him to cram school.

Yuu’s mother has come to take him back to cram school.

+: While on the road, Yuu has another episode and yells for his mother to stop the car. He eventually finds Haruka, who has been confronted once again by Karasu. Yuu takes out his paper cutter and steps in front of Haruka.

Yuu moves to protect Haruka from her pursuer.

+: Karasu antagonizes Yuu, stating that he cannot save that girl. When Yuu asks who he is, Karasu replies, “I am you!”

Yuu meets Karasu for the first time.

!: Karasu claims to be Yuu, and may be the boy’s future self. However, his own words “in this dimension” may mean that they are the same person, but from different timelines.

?: What is the Dragon’s Torque and what can it do? If Haruka is the current incarnation, how did this come to pass? Why are there people after the Torque, and what do they plan on doing with it? If captured for what she is or what is a part of her, what will happen to Haruka when its powers are put into play? What the heck is that that silly blue ribbon-like attachment on all the cloaked characters?