At first, I was pleasantly surprised by Noein’s opening theme. The song and the accompanying scenes were brilliant, inspired perhaps by the sombre moods often present in the show. It was impressive – for the first 30 seconds. Then, all ridiculousness breaks loose.

The remainder of the song doesn’t sound bad on its own, but it doesn’t match the melody, cadence, or the atmosphere of the first two verses. The song and the images abruptly go off in a totally different direction, destroying the mood set earlier. As much as I dislike using such an abbreviation in a review… WTF?!

I understand that this type of introduction reflects the juxtaposition of moods frequently depicted in the show’s narrative style; and perhaps it wouldn’t be quite right if the entire song and animated sequence were completely dark. But this was just poorly executed. The bridge, in particular, is egregious, just… Bleh!

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Updated 08-15-2015