A short homage to pirates. When I find that a poem starts to follow a cadence, or if I happen to decide on a specific format, I try not to get carried away with a rhyming scheme; but this one was just too easy to play around with. So, even though it was written for a specific theme with a predetermined structure, it turned out more fun to write than I expected.

Winter Moor (revised 11 29 2009)

Cutlass rusted down to splinters
Oaken hull anchored and embittered
Me Lady sulks ‘neath the bow of winter

‘Tis time to unknot ye scabbard and sash
Sharpen blades while icebergs crash
Gum the jerky with toothless gnash

So unsack our plunder from tattered sails
‘Ere the smithee forge our coffin nails
Tonight we drown not in brine but ale