Ok, so it’s not about a girl…

In any case, this is a question that lies heavily on the minds of many bloggers, including myself.

In this post, I take a look at two issues regarding blog readership and updating content and provide some answers. These are neither the final nor the only solutions to the problems that often plague us bloggers. I hope what I’ve found to be useful for me may also be of help to others.

No one seems to be reading, let alone commenting on, my posts. I don’t feel like maintaining this blog anymore.

If you’ve started a blog specifically to gain exposure for your craft, whatever that may be, then be sure you’re in it for the long run. If you have yet to establish an online presence (eg. it’s your first blog, or you’ve been writing for a while but have never been an active member of an online community), it could take a weeks or even months before you actually get any feedback.

What you post in your blog or home page should be of some import to you; otherwise, you won’t feel like updating it. If you find yourself losing interest in the current topic, then move on to another or find something else to write about. A blog doesn’t have to be focused on one thing all time.

Keep a schedule for your updates. Initially, you may want to add new content daily or a few times a week, but make sure you don’t run out of things to post. Pace yourself, and don’t put all your stuff out there at once unless you really do have material to spare. Let your audience know or give them an idea of how often you’ll be posting. Visitors often prefer regular updates once a week, as opposed to a lot of content once in a blue moon.

How do I gather an audience, especially in a virtual world already inundated with similar or more popular content?

I was a very active member of IMVU for two years. I updated my blog nearly three times a week. I hosted and solicited sponsorships for poetry contests. I was also constantly on the forums touting my craft and peddling my wares as digital artist. Inevitably, life got too busy for me to keep up with all of that. Nowadays, being new to Blogger myself, I’m quite happy just to have one person listed in my readership 🙂 So, spread the word about your blog. Start with your family or friends, and move on to your online neighbors.

If you are starting a new blog site, or are completely new to blogging, it can be tough to drive traffic through. Hone your craft, do something unique, and give the audience something they won’t find anywhere else. Apart from gaining blog fandom for your skills or innovation, here are some things one can do to broaden your online presence.

• Join a forum, or forums, related to the content of your site and be an active member. In most forums, you are allowed to have a signature, personalized content that’s always visible at the bottom of your posts. Create a text or banner signature that describes and links back to your web page so that other forum members will know you have a site dedicated to the topic at hand.

• Join a social network like FaceBook, Twitter, YouNiverse, MySpace, IMVU, or There. These are just a few examples out of dozens of free online communities and virtual neighborhoods. Fill out your profile and provide a link to your blog. Talk to people and tell them what you do or what you write about. Give them teasers about upcoming new stuff; spark their interest. Above all, be courteous, and don’t ever spam the other members.

• Join a web ring, a collection of sites that feature content specializing in any particular subject, be it animation, crafting, movies, or even a specific book or television show.

• Place metadata tags in your HTML. Meta tags give search engine bots (also called spiders or crawlers) something to scan in addition to the readable content of your web page. For more information on metadata, click here

• Submit your URL to search engines and directories. Besides Google, there are several other places to which you can submit your site for free.