This evening, I asked myself why, even after my month-long post-holidays hiatus, have I bothered maintaining my updates of Noein summaries? Am I a fanatic, a crazed anime fan who will watch a show until the very end and write incessantly about it even if it sucks? Erm, no. I don’t think so anyway. So, am I just being stubborn, slowly whittling away at an old chunk of wood while inevitably piling on the amount of work that I have to produce even when I’m occupied with other projects? Yeah, that must be part of it. Nonetheless, my loyalty (a word I never thought I’d use in a post about my thoughts on Noein) parallels what I deem to be the show’s own persistence in tackling such complex subject matters.

Noein’s writers tried so hard to cram so much theory and self-examination into each episode that the core of the plot gets lost so easily and so often. This also produces an atmosphere where the show seems so embroiled in its own self-importance that the audience either gets lost in the dizzying haze of extraneous information or is just plain bored.

Still, those writers managed to plug in a few intriguing concepts as well as instances of inadvertent wit. While one show or another might have “its moments” and still remain insignificant as a whole, many of Noein’s little moments of triumph are thought-provoking, and the topics they examine remain consistent with the theme of the series.

Even though I’ve expressed a substantial amount of disappointment at some aspects of Noein’s narrative and production styles, I can see what the creators are trying to present. Of course, watching each episode a second time, even at 3x normal speed, has been a big factor in facilitating (albeit slowly) my increasingly positive view.

I’m glad I didn’t take screenshots during the initial viewing. I find that taking the time to select meaningful screen captures is not merely a tool for producing in-depth reviews; it also helps in developing a deeper understanding of a show’s context and its characters. On that note, I hope that I’ve provided both insightful posts and visually enticing sneak peaks to the readers – for Noein and all the other shows I’ve talked about thus far.