The following song is Mediaeval Baebes’ “All For Love of One”, from their album “Mirabilis” (latin for miracles). With minimal orchestration and lush, seductive vocals, it is beautiful and enchanting in its simplicity.

Title: All For Love of One
Singer: Mediaeval Baebes
Album: Mirabilis

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I must go walk the wood so wild
And wander here and there
In dred and deadly fere
For where I trusted I am begeld
And all for love of one
Thus am I banished from my bliss
By craft and false pretence
As one from joy were fledde
As from my leaf day by day I flee
And all for love of one
My bed shall be the greenwood tree
The running stremes my drinke
And acorns be my food
When of your beauty I do think
And all for love of one


Mediaeval Baebes melds poetry and music in the traditional styles of those composed in Middle Age Western Europe. Many of their lyrics are written in Middle English and Latin, while others are in Gaelic, French, German, or Welsh, as well as modern English.

Their songs often have little instrumentation, and many feature acappella sections. They use a variety of traditional musical instruments, including flutes, pan pipes, lutes, harps, and violins. Conversely, some songs are given a more modern feel with the use of electric guitars and contemporary percussion.

I first heard of Mediaeval Baebes through Delerium’s album “Poem”, where they lend their voices to an electronica interpretation of one of their own songs “All Turns To Yesterday” (titled “Aria” in Delerium’s release).

My favorite album is “Mirabilis”, which thus far features the broadest range in their musical styles, as well as their richest vocals. (I have not listened to “Illumination”, their most recent album to date.)

The group is currently made up of six members; but there have been as many as twelve working together on one album. Medieval Baebes has undergone several member changes throughout their current twelve years in industry. Nevertheless, the atmosphere of their music and the personas they present onstage remain true to what was created in 1997, a wonderful and endearing homage to medieval poetry, song, and lore.

The Mediaeval Baebes’ official website