“Adiemus” is not a band or orchestra as thought by some. It is the title or theme given to a collection of songs composed by Karl Jenkins. The song bearing the same name is the first I ever heard of Jenkins’ and is found on the album “Songs of Sanctuary”. It’s one of his most famous pieces and is also featured on the album “Escapes II”, a compilation of new age, ambient, mostly instrumental theme songs.

There is no adequate description of how “Adiemus” affected me the first time around. The most fitting word I can think of is “transcendent”.

Though much of the lyrics sound like Latin and are part of the reason the song drew me in, ironically, they literally don’t mean anything. The lyrics are mere syllabications, designed with purpose and as part of the overall composition, but they aren’t derived from any real language. The word “adiemus” itself was also never intended to resemble any actual word, even though many, including myself, have tried to seek out its meaning. That doesn’t take away from the emotion evoked by the song and the effect it has had on many listeners.

I hope you enjoy the song as much as I do ^_^

Title: Adiemus
Composer: Karl Jenkins
Sources: Songs of Sanctuary (CD), Adiemus: The Essential Collection (MP3), Adiemus (MP3 Single)
Also Featured In: Escapes II (Various Artists CD)
Genre: New Age, Classical