untitled (written 07 19 2006)

We shared a song
Beneath the careful watch of angels
Their alabaster wings our shelter

Cool and carefree
Amidst the glittering stars
The moonlight’s opalescent eye

Trading tales of life’s endeavors
Therein forgetting those toils
The tumble and tumult of the world
Placated in pleasant company

Amazed by all that you are
Touched by your inspiration
Inspired by your strength
Strengthened by your spirit

Warm and carefree
Clasped in a tender embrace
While we shared a song
Beneath the wings of angels

untitled (written 11 06 2009)

Amidst the blinding chaos of life,
we found each other.

We took it one day at a time,
savoring every moment we shared.
I found myself falling in love,
and wished it would last forever.

We faced a new world together,
not knowing if we would make it.
Still we made our way into the future,
guided by the light in your heart.

In the rampant chaos of our lives,
we drifted apart.

We looked back on all those days
while we shared one last moment.
I fell at your feet as you cried,
and promised to love you forever.

My world has suddenly gone dark,
but I know things will be alright.
I make my way towards the future,
guided by the light you left in my heart.