Quiet Does Not Always Mean Calm

To rant, or not to rant? For I have many questions.
But is it better to remain silent and appear sound of mind
While keeping the illusion of peace and amity
Or to thrash like a madman against invisible walls
And by full discosure smash them.

By |November 24th, 2015|Motley Musings, Poetry and Prose, Rants|

You might not drown in the shallows, but you can still slip and hit your head on the rocks

standing in the shallows of the mainstream
the litter
the debris
the garbage

shortsighted perceptions
cross-eyed observations
haphazard conclusions

of the delusional and deranged
of the ignorant and arrogant
of creeps and trolls

of morons whose accummulated knowledge
have as much breadth as a bug’s breath

dizzy from the stench
deaf from the wailing

the annoying whinings and pinings
the aggrandized essays on the trivial
the self-righteous proclamations

of spoiled brats and […]

By |August 22nd, 2015|Poetry and Prose, Rants|