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Haiku! (What? Bless you!)
No, seriously. (What? Haiku?)
Yes. It’s all Haiku!

After not having written poetry in any standardized format whatsoever in ages, I picked up my copy of “Patterns of Poetry” for the umpteenth time – I must sit down and read this thoroughly one day soon. Lo and behold, tonight’s random arrangement (oxymoron intended) is […]

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untitled (written 07 19 2006)

We shared a song
Beneath the careful watch of angels
Their alabaster wings our shelter

Cool and carefree
Amidst the glittering stars
The moonlight’s opalescent eye

Trading tales of life’s endeavors
Therein forgetting those toils
The tumble and tumult of the world
Placated in pleasant company

Amazed by all that you are
Touched by your inspiration
Inspired by your strength
Strengthened by your spirit

Warm […]

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It’s A Little Late For Talk Like A Pirate Day

A short homage to pirates. When I find that a poem starts to follow a cadence, or if I happen to decide on a specific format, I try not to get carried away with a rhyming scheme; but this one was just too easy to play around with. So, even though it was written for […]

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More Poetry From The Archives

I found another old poem that just about screamed (literally) to be re-written. The original was written in the Fall of 2006, after my first introduction to Elfen Lied. It’s a very violent anime, the likes of which will never make it review-worthy in this blog, but it nonetheless made an interesting source of, in […]

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The Ever Popular Message In A Bottle Theme

Have you ever sat down to write about something that you thought was already laid out in your mind, but then it takes so much longer and turns into something quite, if not completely, different? This is one of those times for me.

It’s still very rough, but I can’t seem to get anywhere else with […]

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Why do I always end up writing this stuff late at night?

Here’s another old poem revisited. I won’t post the first draft here as it wasn’t very well done. Except for form, the final piece is quite different from the original, which was an attempt to portray two voices speaking (or singing) in counterpoint.

It was primarily inspired by one of Narumi Kakinouchi’s paintings of Miyu and […]

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“And In His Quest, He Loses His Life But Finally Finds Himself”

I have a habit of revisiting (and rewriting) my old poems. This one was bit more challenging than I expected. This is only the second piece I’ve written that contains two points of view. Needless to say, it is an experiment in style for me. It still doesn’t quite feel as complete as I would […]

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A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words. Hands Can Say Even More.

Have you ever had or tried to communicate with a person who, due to either impaired speech or hearing, uses sign language? Since it is not a necessity for me, I will likely never take it upon myself to learn sign language. Nevertheless, I will always be impressed by the complexities and subtleties involved in […]

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To Say Anything Would Be Too Much. Yet A Thousand Words Wouldn’t Be Enough.

The following piece was written in the early morning while listening to an incredible piece of classical music by Icelandic composer Ólafur Arnalds. I was so deeply immersed in all its emotions and the imagery that it invoked, and I was very hesitant to type for fear of ruining the experience. At the same time, […]

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Writing Again, Revising Old Pieces

So here I am, at it again. I’m slowly going back to writing poetry. I’ve felt the need to compose lately, but haven’t come up with anything complete, at least not enough to post. Of course, many pieces will never feel “complete”. That’s one hazard (besides distractions) that many people encounter in their craft, regardless […]

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