Let the music play forever

Where the music goes, I follow.
If there ever comes a day that music is no more,
Then I shall write songs for others to share
Until I, too, am gone from this world.

♥ ♥ ♥

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Sia: Breathe Me

This is one of those songs that I can’t help but play over and over. I first heard it on Lush, an internet radio station streamed on one of the Soma FM servers. It’s also featured in the show “Six Feet Under”, though I’ve never watched it.

So many great artists are overlooked by mainstream broadcasts, […]

By |December 23rd, 2009|Music|

Amethystium: Aphelion

Album: Aphelion
Project: Amethystium
Composer: Øystein Ramford
Genres: New Age, Mood, Electronica
Released: 2003 by Neurodisc Records Inc.

Amethystium At A Glance

I don’t recall when or how it was that I first heard of Amethystium. I only know that, of all the music I have heard from the genre, this is by far the most sublime and captivating.

To […]

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To Say Anything Would Be Too Much. Yet A Thousand Words Wouldn’t Be Enough.

The following piece was written in the early morning while listening to an incredible piece of classical music by Icelandic composer Ólafur Arnalds. I was so deeply immersed in all its emotions and the imagery that it invoked, and I was very hesitant to type for fear of ruining the experience. At the same time, […]

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Featured Song: Fukai Mori

With no need for further introduction, I give you…

Title: Fukai Mori (Deep Forest)
Band: Do As Infinity
Composer: Dai Nagao
Genre: JPop, Rock
Albums: Deep Forest, Do The Best, Do The A Side
Other Compilations: Inu Yasha Soundtrack

Please note, the translation that follows is the correct one. The other “translation” that is floating around is actually the English version’s […]

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Where Have I Been?!

And no, I’m not referring to my later-than-usual blog update.

I began writing a review for a Japanese band this evening. I already knew that this internationally popular band, one of my favorites of all time, had disbanded four years ago. On a lark, I searched for their official website to see if it was still […]

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Noein: A Self Confused Introduction

At first, I was pleasantly surprised by Noein’s opening theme. The song and the accompanying scenes were brilliant, inspired perhaps by the sombre moods often present in the show. It was impressive – for the first 30 seconds. Then, all ridiculousness breaks loose.

The remainder of the song doesn’t sound bad on its own, but it […]

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Featured Song: Tori No Uta

Generally, I tend to skip over the opening of an anime series after seeing it a few times; but in this case, I would often let Air’s theme song play through.

“Tori No Uta” is such an amazing song in terms of its rhythm and vocals. It feels great just to listen to it, even if […]

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Featured Song: Adiemus

“Adiemus” is not a band or orchestra as thought by some. It is the title or theme given to a collection of songs composed by Karl Jenkins. The song bearing the same name is the first I ever heard of Jenkins’ and is found on the album “Songs of Sanctuary”. It’s one of his most […]

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Featured Song: Garnet

Yeah, I have a soft spot for JPop ballads.

There are songs made popular by movies, and vice versa. But once in a while, a song comes along that becomes its own entity. The popularity lent by the theatrical release is almost incidental. Oku Hanako’s “Garnet”, the ending theme to the animated movie “Toki Wo Kakeru […]

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