Illogical Persistence Or Fanaticism

This evening, I asked myself why, even after my month-long post-holidays hiatus, have I bothered maintaining my updates of Noein summaries? Am I a fanatic, a crazed anime fan who will watch a show until the very end and write incessantly about it even if it sucks? Erm, no. I don’t think so anyway. So, […]

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The Holiday Bug. More Than One Kind.

I intended to finish a few more posts before the New Year, but sadly, I’ve been totally kaput. I’ve been sick since the 26th and haven’t even felt like watching anime, much less writing about it. That gives you a fairly good idea of how crappy I feel. >.< In other news… The remaining episode […]

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Oh, no! Not another online personality quiz!

I signed on as a member and took the VisualDNA personality quiz about two years ago. Back then, the site was called IMAGINI (as in “Imagine I”). They’ve changed the website’s name and increased the number of choices you make before you’re given your “designation” (ie. label), as well as the number of quizzes.

The format […]

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The first blog of the season.

Okay, technically, the second. I deleted the “test” blog from earlier this week.Ah, fall. Eeww. Winter is just a few months away. Double eeww!!There are so many things I’d like to post right now, but if I start compiling all the anime reviews and poetry that I’ve put together (ok, ok, have […]

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