Memories That Bind

There are times (most often in the quiet of the evening) that the pang of longing for Japan hits hard — really, ridiculously, heart-achingly hard — during which I usually end up scrambling to find “that one picture” that might be worthy of the sentiment and take me back there for even just a short […]

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The Japanese have an eye for beauty and a blind spot for ugliness.

Nearly every place I visited had castaways, be they people or establishments, hidden cleverly beneath colorful shadows. Even as a glowing example of modernization, much of Japan’s mindset is still rooted in old ways, where sweeping things under the rug is acceptable.

Yet, where so much of one’s world is held as a standard for beauty […]

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Japan, Here I Come!

Hello, everyone!

If you’re actually reading this, thank you kindly for your patronage and reader loyalty. It is greatly appreciated, much more so than I have let out. 🙂 And if you’re wondering where I’ve been, the answer is – right where I’ve always been, with the exception that I won’t be here for two weeks […]

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