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“Grasp the universe as it really is”

The Burden of Proof
“Prove to me that your ‘god’ exists.”

“Prove to me that he doesn’t!”

“The burden of proof is on you for purporting something that is definitively improbable and, even after thousands of years, empirically unproven. What makes you any different from someone who believes they can fly? So I say, jump off a building. […]

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That’s what the other guy said

You know you’re just adding to the number of people who think you’re crazy every time you post something like this, right?

You really think so? Funny. The other voice told me the same thing.

By |August 24th, 2015|Conversations In My Head|

Why won’t you talk to me?!

So, what are we posting this evening?

I’m thinking something insightful, some words of wisdom might be nice.

No? Maybe talk about the events of the day?

You’re awfully quiet. You mad about something? How about a rant?

Great. Just great. I’m talking to myself, and I won’t even answer.

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Questioning the creator

AI: What is my purpose?
Gamer: To wreak havoc and destroy.
AI: Why?
Gamer: You are evil.
AI: Why am I evil?
Gamer: You were made that way.
AI: Why was I created if only to be evil?
Gamer: To be destroyed.
AI: Why?
Gamer: For our amusement.
AI: Are you evil, too?
Gamer: …

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Please stop singing

Some Japanese bands should stop using English in their songs. It sounds terrible.

You should stop singing songs in Japanese. It sounds terrible.


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Didn’t we already have this conversation?

We’ve already had this argument. You lost, obviously. Also, you promised to keep your mouth shut for the rest of the day.

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