That sure is a lot of dragonflies!

Japanese: Seirei No Moribito
English: Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Action, Drama
Running Time: 26 Episodes, 25 Mins per Episode
Broadcast Date: April 2007 – September 2007

Story and Characters:

“Guardian of the Spirit” is based on the first of ten novels by Nahoko Uehashi. It tells the story of Balsa, a female bodyguard, her ward Chagum, a […]

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It’s An Electric Walnut!

Anime Review:

Japanese Title: Toki Wo Kakeru Shoujo
English Title: The Girl Who Leapt Through Time
Genres: Science Fiction, Romance, Drama
Running Time: 98 minutes
Release Date: July 2006

A line on the chalkboard says, “Time waits for no one.”

Story and Characters:

“Toki Wo Kakeru Shoujo” is about a high school student, Makoto Konno, who one day discovers she can “leap” backwards […]

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