Fairy Tail: First Impressions

Here we are with my first look at the crazy and fun semi-epic adventure that is Fairy Tail. I was hesitant to follow this series, as I had heard that it is indeed quite goofy, but I’m glad I started it.

Natsu and Happy pose for the opening sequence.

In a succinct and elegant manner, the narrator’s […]

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Noein: Episode 14 Summary and Afterthoughts

Tobi and Atori stay in the spare room at the Haruka’s house under the guise of a non-profit organization studying birds. There, Tobi observes the increasing instability forming in the timespace.

Haruka finds herself in a dimensional loop, wherein she repeatedly witnesses a quarrel between her parents prior to their divorce. Each time the event repeats, […]

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Noein: Episode 13 Summary and Afterthoughts

Fukurou is dead by Noein’s hands, and Karasu has been badly hurt. Tobi is the only one with the ability to heal him, but she must find a source of Layze in order for Karasu to regenerate.

Atori is still alive, but he has lost all memory of his life as a Dragon Knight. Some fragments […]

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Fairy Tail: Episode 1 Summary and Afterthoughts

The land of Fiore, as envisioned by cartologists from ancient times.

The following is a condensed reiteration of the narrator’s introduction in Fairy Tail:
While magic items are frequently used, sold, and purchased by the commoners of the Fiore Kingdom, there are those for whom magic is at the core of their occupation. These people are called […]

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Noein: Episode 12 Summary and Afterthoughts

Though she readily displays her anger and talks about killing Karasu, Kosagi can’t hide her true feelings. Her attachment to Karasu and her resentment for his betrayal of the Dragon Knights are at the root of her internal conflict.

Haruka is once again visited by the Old Man, who finally reveals himself to be a time […]

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Noein: Episode 11 Summary

The three remaining Birds have returned to Haruka’s timeline to retrieve the Dragon Torque and destroy Karasu. Kosagi blames Haruka for Karasu’s betrayal and wants her killed as well. Karasu reiterates his promise to protect Haruka, even with the knowledge that he may vanish one day without the support of a pipeline. Fukurou withdraws instead […]

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Noein: Episode 10 Summary

Haruka and Yuu finally explain to their friends what has been going on, revealing also that they have been in contact with a man from the future. Though, Ai refuses to believe their story and demands the truth from Karasu.

Miho is horrified and the others watch in disbelief as Karasu displays some of his abilities.

Uchida […]

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Noein: Episode 9 Summary

Once again, Yuu is harangued by Karasu for being cowardly, even as the errant Knight tells him to protect Haruka at all costs. Yuu learns from Haruka that Karasu is his future self, but he rejects the idea.

Yuu must learn to overcome his fears and think for himself if he is to become strong enough […]

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Noein: Episode 8 Summary

Karasu has taken Haruka back to her timespace, and even though they were in the future for much longer, Haruka has been gone from her world only three hours. Haruka lets Karasu stay in an old storage room of her house while trying to keep things a secret from her mother.

Kuina commands that Karasu be […]

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Noein: Episode 7 Summary

In a visitation by the being called Noein, it is revealed that Kuina longs to be part of Shangri La, to escape his destiny. Their level of familiarity with each other indicates that this is not the first time they have met or spoken with each other.

Ai explains to Haruka that there is an infinite […]

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