Noein: Episode 23 Summary and Afterthoughts

The timespaces have started to converge, but Karasu and Yuu have yet to reach Haruka.

I can’t decide what I despise more – the whiny, neurotic annoying puff of smoke called Noein, or the depressed, bedraggled, corpse-like husk called Noein. Oh, wait. Nevermind.

What happened to the ominous, seemingly omniscient Noein that would randomly put on a […]

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Noein: Episode 22 Summary and Afterthoughts

Ai, Isami, and Miho look out into the vast (and mostly empty) expanse of Shangri La.

In another inadvertent flash of the Dragon Torque’s erroneous powers, Haruka’s house, along with the people still inside it, gets ported to Shangri La. Miho’s explanation, as usual, involves – wait for it… Aliens. That’s right. Say it again with […]

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Noein: Episode 21 Summary and Afterthoughts

Uchida meets with Professor Mayuzumi, former head of the Magic Circle Project.

Themes of noble self-sacrifice and about-faced idealism abound in this installation of the pseudo-science fiction / fantasy hybrid. It’s hardly surprising; though in effect, the mood of the series has become subdued. A far cry from the usual clash of quantum powers, maniacal opposition, […]

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Noein: Episode 20 Summary and Afterthoughts

A glum gathering of old and new friends in the underground city of La Cryma.

At last, we are in the home stretch of the series, and things are getting more interesting. The shreds of quantum theory that have been sprinkled throughout each episode have finally come together. Whether or not they make sense in real […]

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Noein: Episode 19 Summary and Afterthoughts

Haruka watches a video of herself as a small child with her grandmother.

Earlier episodes of Noein have played around with the theory of how existence can only be substantiated at a quantum level, as well as with the concept of existentialism. This episode gets a little more down to earth, focusing on the mental changes, […]

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Illogical Persistence Or Fanaticism

This evening, I asked myself why, even after my month-long post-holidays hiatus, have I bothered maintaining my updates of Noein summaries? Am I a fanatic, a crazed anime fan who will watch a show until the very end and write incessantly about it even if it sucks? Erm, no. I don’t think so anyway. So, […]

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Noein: Episodes 18 Summary And Afterthoughts

After waking from a dream in which her friends had forgotten her, and where Noein makes her question her own existence, Haruka comforts herself by going through photo albums.

Though he acts selfishly, either out of his own greed or due to Noein’s influence, Kuina still harbors feelings for Amamiku. He stuns her so she can’t […]

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Noein: Episode 17 Summary and Afterthoughts

The Magic Circle Project’s experiments are to go on as planned, with a blackmailed Mayuzumi back on the team. However, with the possibility of a catastrophic effect, Uchida and Kooriyama continue to observe Shinohara’s actions. Meanwhile, strange creatures that look like seahorses appear to be keeping an eye on Haruka.

Yuu pretends to study when his […]

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Noein: Episode 16 Summary

Haruka momentarily escapes Noein by entering another time stream through an ouroboros. Noein catches up to Haruka and tries to convice her that she should forget about Karasu, that he is only an illusion. She fervently rejects the idea, recounting all the times Karasu had saved her. As Haruka recalls how she met Karasu, she […]

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Noein: Episode 15 Summary

Kooriyama tries to arrest Karasu, to no avail. Uchida, on the other hand, suspects that Karasu and Tobi are from the future. Tobi leads Uchida, Karasu, and Kooriyama to the source of the distortions he discovered in Haruka’s timespace.

Haruka’s father gets a threatening phone call from Shinohara, who wants to put him back to work […]

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