Noein: Episode 20 Summary and Afterthoughts

March 21st, 2010|Anime|

A glum gathering of old and new friends in the underground city of La Cryma.

At last, we are in the home stretch of the series, and things are getting more interesting. The shreds of quantum theory that have been sprinkled throughout each episode have finally come […]

Noein: Episode 19 Summary and Afterthoughts

March 7th, 2010|Anime|

Haruka watches a video of herself as a small child with her grandmother.

Earlier episodes of Noein have played around with the theory of how existence can only be substantiated at a quantum level, as well as with the concept of existentialism. This episode gets a little […]

Illogical Persistence Or Fanaticism

March 7th, 2010|Anime, Miscellaneous|

This evening, I asked myself why, even after my month-long post-holidays hiatus, have I bothered maintaining my updates of Noein summaries? Am I a fanatic, a crazed anime fan who will watch a show until the very end and write incessantly about it even if it sucks? Erm, no. I […]

Noein: Episodes 18 Summary And Afterthoughts

February 14th, 2010|Anime|

After waking from a dream in which her friends had forgotten her, and where Noein makes her question her own existence, Haruka comforts herself by going through photo albums.

Though he acts selfishly, either out of his own greed or due to Noein’s influence, […]

The Holiday Bug. More Than One Kind.

December 29th, 2009|Miscellaneous|

I intended to finish a few more posts before the New Year, but sadly, I’ve been totally kaput. I’ve been sick since the 26th and haven’t even felt like watching anime, much less writing about it. That gives you a fairly good idea of how crappy I feel. >.< In […]

Sia: Breathe Me

December 23rd, 2009|Music|

This is one of those songs that I can’t help but play over and over. I first heard it on Lush, an internet radio station streamed on one of the Soma FM servers. It’s also featured in the show “Six Feet Under”, though I’ve never watched it.

So many […]

Who’s The Crazy Guy On The Piano?

December 22nd, 2009|Poetry and Prose|

I’m curious as to what I look like when I’m playing the piano while deeply immersed in a song (though not all that keen on actually seeing it). This next piece reveals a part of that image, but it probably doesn’t come close to the full picture. I imagine it’s […]


December 19th, 2009|Poetry and Prose|

Haiku! (What? Bless you!)
No, seriously. (What? Haiku?)
Yes. It’s all Haiku!

After not having written poetry in any standardized format whatsoever in ages, I picked up my copy of “Patterns of Poetry” for the umpteenth time – I must sit down and read this thoroughly one day soon. Lo and behold, tonight’s […]

Noein: Episode 17 Summary and Afterthoughts

December 14th, 2009|Anime|

The Magic Circle Project’s experiments are to go on as planned, with a blackmailed Mayuzumi back on the team. However, with the possibility of a catastrophic effect, Uchida and Kooriyama continue to observe Shinohara’s actions. Meanwhile, strange creatures that look like seahorses appear to be keeping an eye on Haruka.

Noein: Episode 16 Summary

December 14th, 2009|Anime|

Haruka momentarily escapes Noein by entering another time stream through an ouroboros. Noein catches up to Haruka and tries to convice her that she should forget about Karasu, that he is only an illusion. She fervently rejects the idea, recounting all the times Karasu had saved her. As Haruka recalls […]

Noein: Episode 15 Summary

December 14th, 2009|Anime|

Kooriyama tries to arrest Karasu, to no avail. Uchida, on the other hand, suspects that Karasu and Tobi are from the future. Tobi leads Uchida, Karasu, and Kooriyama to the source of the distortions he discovered in Haruka’s timespace.

Haruka’s father gets a threatening phone call from […]

Fairy Tail: First Impressions

December 7th, 2009|Anime|

Here we are with my first look at the crazy and fun semi-epic adventure that is Fairy Tail. I was hesitant to follow this series, as I had heard that it is indeed quite goofy, but I’m glad I started it.

Natsu and Happy pose for the […]

Noein: Episode 14 Summary and Afterthoughts

December 7th, 2009|Anime|

Tobi and Atori stay in the spare room at the Haruka’s house under the guise of a non-profit organization studying birds. There, Tobi observes the increasing instability forming in the timespace.

Haruka finds herself in a dimensional loop, wherein she repeatedly witnesses a quarrel between her parents prior to their divorce. […]

Noein: Episode 13 Summary and Afterthoughts

December 7th, 2009|Anime|

Fukurou is dead by Noein’s hands, and Karasu has been badly hurt. Tobi is the only one with the ability to heal him, but she must find a source of Layze in order for Karasu to regenerate.

Atori is still alive, but he has lost all memory of his life as […]

Fairy Tail: Episode 1 Summary and Afterthoughts

December 4th, 2009|Anime|

The land of Fiore, as envisioned by cartologists from ancient times.

The following is a condensed reiteration of the narrator’s introduction in Fairy Tail:

While magic items are frequently used, sold, and purchased by the commoners of the Fiore Kingdom, there are those for whom magic is at […]

Noein: Episode 12 Summary and Afterthoughts

December 1st, 2009|Anime|

Though she readily displays her anger and talks about killing Karasu, Kosagi can’t hide her true feelings. Her attachment to Karasu and her resentment for his betrayal of the Dragon Knights are at the root of her internal conflict.

Haruka is once again visited by the Old Man, who finally reveals […]


November 30th, 2009|Poetry and Prose|

untitled (written 07 19 2006)

We shared a song
Beneath the careful watch of angels
Their alabaster wings our shelter

Cool and carefree
Amidst the glittering stars
The moonlight’s opalescent eye

Trading tales of life’s endeavors
Therein forgetting those toils
The tumble and tumult of the world
Placated in pleasant company

Amazed by all that you are
Touched by your inspiration
Inspired by […]

More Poetry From The Archives

November 30th, 2009|Poetry and Prose|

I found another old poem that just about screamed (literally) to be re-written. The original was written in the Fall of 2006, after my first introduction to Elfen Lied. It’s a very violent anime, the likes of which will never make it review-worthy in this blog, but it nonetheless made […]

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