Now I lay me down to sleep

August 17th, 2015|Poetry and Prose|

Now I lay me down to sleep
embrace the darkness vast and deep
I cast off all my earthly tethers
body weightless, mind unfettered
Free to conjure tales of myth and lore
or visit otherworldly shores
Should my adventures end before the dawn
through the universe my soul journeys on

Read The Signs

August 17th, 2015|Motley Musings|

A man with a sooty face and tattered clothes stops in the middle of a crosswalk at a crowded intersection and holds a large piece of cardboard above his head. He stands there for a moment, then tucks the board beneath his coat and walks away.

No one realizes that […]

The Coffee’s Not Helping

August 15th, 2015|Poetry and Prose|

floating in dream-like space
saturated with sleepiness
consciousness fading

as I sip at bland coffee work ethic slips away
my slippers
where did I leave them this time

weariness pervades
last tatters of energy
burnt out in a sigh

awake enough only to acknowledge piles of laundry
never does itself
groan deep breath […]

Random Ramblings Of A Philosophical Nature

April 20th, 2012|Motley Musings|

Some say that we are the product of intelligent design, and that design took millions of years. While it is merely common sense to believe that, by design, we could be immediately similar to our progenitor(s) in physique and behaviour, it is more likely that, given the age of the […]

The Wisdom of Silent Words

January 27th, 2012|Poetry and Prose|

I wish I had words of wisdom to share, words of comfort, and words of hope. If only I had the gift to put together words so profound and powerful as to leave mountains untouched but move hearts and minds all around the world. But wishes are seldom granted. And […]

An Arm’s Length Away And Still Untouchable

August 10th, 2011|Poetry and Prose|

vital connections

In the moments when we share our stories,
I feel as though I know you.
Part of me wishes I really did.

We call each other friends,
but in truth…

We are little more than faceless names and numbers,
masked only in the facades we wish to show the world.

And still we share our stories.
Then, […]

World On Fire

March 5th, 2011|Motley Musings|

I see now that the darkness in my head is not caused by night, but smoke. The world will burn. This I know.

You will destroy everything. Humanity doesn’t deserve extinction. Why are you doing this?

Because we have to make them see what they turned us into. This is […]

Japan, Here I Come!

July 27th, 2010|Japan|

Hello, everyone!

If you’re actually reading this, thank you kindly for your patronage and reader loyalty. It is greatly appreciated, much more so than I have let out. 🙂 And if you’re wondering where I’ve been, the answer is – right where I’ve always been, with the exception that I won’t […]

Noein: Episode 23 Summary and Afterthoughts

April 26th, 2010|Anime|

The timespaces have started to converge, but Karasu and Yuu have yet to reach Haruka.

I can’t decide what I despise more – the whiny, neurotic annoying puff of smoke called Noein, or the depressed, bedraggled, corpse-like husk called Noein. Oh, wait. Nevermind.

What happened to the ominous, […]

Noein: Episode 22 Summary and Afterthoughts

April 11th, 2010|Anime|

Ai, Isami, and Miho look out into the vast (and mostly empty) expanse of Shangri La.

In another inadvertent flash of the Dragon Torque’s erroneous powers, Haruka’s house, along with the people still inside it, gets ported to Shangri La. Miho’s explanation, as usual, involves – wait […]

Noein: Episode 21 Summary and Afterthoughts

April 11th, 2010|Anime|

Uchida meets with Professor Mayuzumi, former head of the Magic Circle Project.

Themes of noble self-sacrifice and about-faced idealism abound in this installation of the pseudo-science fiction / fantasy hybrid. It’s hardly surprising; though in effect, the mood of the series has become subdued. A far cry […]

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