Memories That Bind

There are times (most often in the quiet of the evening) that the pang of longing for Japan hits hard — really, ridiculously, heart-achingly hard — during which I usually end up scrambling to find “that one picture” that might be worthy of the sentiment and take me back there for even just a short […]

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“Grasp the universe as it really is”

The Burden of Proof
“Prove to me that your ‘god’ exists.”

“Prove to me that he doesn’t!”

“The burden of proof is on you for purporting something that is definitively improbable and, even after thousands of years, empirically unproven. What makes you any different from someone who believes they can fly? So I say, jump off a building. […]

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Let the music play forever

Where the music goes, I follow.
If there ever comes a day that music is no more,
Then I shall write songs for others to share
Until I, too, am gone from this world.

♥ ♥ ♥

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Temporal Vectors

Remember the past.
Live in the present.
Dream of the future.

Only when you realize where you’ve come from, where you are now, and where you want to be can you figure out if you’re going in the right direction.

By |February 28th, 2016|Motley Musings, Poetry and Prose|

Quiet Does Not Always Mean Calm

To rant, or not to rant? For I have many questions.
But is it better to remain silent and appear sound of mind
While keeping the illusion of peace and amity
Or to thrash like a madman against invisible walls
And by full discosure smash them.

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Rage, Reflected

This monstrous beast in me is a child of the savage world I see.

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On learning a new language

Today, I revisited the Pimsleur Japanese audio lessons.

Listening once again to conversational Japanese, I feel like my brain’s being mercilessly reorganized, with all my present knowledge either consolidated or made obsolete. It’s a startling realization that my hasty jump to (and obsessive following of) flash-card-based learning has set me on a path that’s been all […]

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Aimless Drifter

going through life with ease
but your eyes betray your sorrow
your fame and fortune are borrowed
you’re an insignificant spec wafting in the breeze

pushing all thoughts through a sifter
pains and troubles dismissed
after all, ignorance is bliss
but in the end you’re just a spineless grifter

your whole life is a confidence scheme
you think you’re so smart
your confidence is a […]

By |September 23rd, 2015|Poetry and Prose|

Every dark cloud has a neon splat

melancholic puddle meets bubblegum rain boots
tiny hands stir and splash in the mud
candy drops pitter-patter on the sidewalk
run up and pat me gently on the cheek
rainbow handprints splattered on gray
laughter sweeps away the brooding fog

By |August 24th, 2015|Poetry and Prose|

That’s what the other guy said

You know you’re just adding to the number of people who think you’re crazy every time you post something like this, right?

You really think so? Funny. The other voice told me the same thing.

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